Once Upon A Time.

Photo by The Detroit Free Press – From 12th and Clairmount.

It happened in Detroit. The urban metropolis once looked upon as the nation’s model city bolstered a population over one million people at the time. As the 50th anniversary of 1967 riots approaches, The Detroit Free Press kicks off its annual Freep Film Festival with the world premiere debut of 12th and Clairmount at The Fillmore. Although some of the images are difficult to digest, the must see film reminds us that there is little we can do about yesterday, but much we can do about our tomorrow.

Turn Caring Into Doing.

As our first week in redefining Detroit comes to an end, we must reiterate the purpose behind our brand. While the ‘FIST‘ represents Detroit, the ‘4WRD‘ exemplifies paying it forward. Although social media has given us a platform to display our methods of contribution to the community, it’s more important to do right by others when no one is watching. FIST4WRD to find out more information on how you can help redefine Detroit.

Getting Over The Hump-Day.

A runner jogs along the Detroit Riverfront. Photo by: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press.

After combining an overly indulgent Pie Day in Detroit with the midweek slump, we all may be feeling a tad guilty for having one slice too many, despite the occasion. According to a study conducted by WalletHub, Detroit finished at 150, designating our city the unhealthiest in America. Talk about DETROIT -VS- EVERYBODYFIST4WRD to find out how other cities weighed in against Detroit, and how to get a leg up in next year’s competition.

Happy Pie Day Detroit!

Sweet Potato Sensations’ Signature Recipe.

How many slices of Sweet Potato Sensations’ signature recipe does it take to satisfy a sweet tooth? Let’s do the math. While the geometrical figure Pi, or 3.14, won’t help us come up with an answer, one thing is for sure. You don’t need a calculator to account for consistency. FIST4WRD to find out more about our favorite place to celebrate pie day in Detroit.