Let The Church Say.

Church isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re visualizing the perfect place to kick back and unwind. But, if you’re in search of a neighborhood gathering spot that just so happens to turn water into wine, The Congregation Detroit has got you covered. Speaking of weddings, did we mention there’s an event space for that? The folks over at FIST4WRD enjoyed an inaugural afternoon of food and fellowship amongst our newfound friends from The Congregation. We’re well aware that it’s Autumn, but the appropriate balance of ‘Spring Forward‘ & ‘Fall Back‘ has officially been founded by way of Detroit.


Fired x BFF: Michigan and Trumbull Pizza.

Detroit-style pizza has definitely become a big deal throughout the past decade, and has made a name for itself across the nation, doing its city of origin proud. The folks over at FIST4WRD visited our friends from Michigan and Trumbull Pizza to get 4kD’up with them for the first time. And while anything associated with the number four absolutely does it for us, the crispy yet caramelized cheesy corners hands down made our day. Did we mention that their arugula salad is also to die for? Put your best FIST4WRD using our in-story links for more info.

The Extra Most Bestest.

Photo By: Little Caesars Pizza – Pizza Pi Day 2020 – @LittleCeasars via Instagram.

Pizza definitely adds a unique spin to Pi Day in Detroit. But Detroit has always been known for setting trends, as opposed to following them – and this home grown classic has been going strong for over 60 years! My fondest memories of Little Caesars go back to grade school. The pizzas came two to a package, side-by-side on cardboard, nestled ever so carefully inside a great big white paper bag. Talk about Pizza-Pizza! Secondly, there’s the sauce. It’s so good, they even sell it on the side. Then there’s the convenience. The Pizza Portal absolutely does it for us. Finally, there’s the Love Kitchen, responsible for serving folks in need all across the United States. They definitely know how to Pie It Forward. And giving back is an essential ingredient in FIST4WRD’s recipe to redefine Detroit.

Five Buck Food Truck.

FIST4WRD is going above and beyond to bring the people what they want! Be on the lookout for our Five Buck Food Truck, where we specialize in getting you 4kDup-(Forked Up)! We’re coming to a pit stop near you with made to order options sure to keep you coming back 4 more! We also welcome you to enjoy a FREE ice cold Faygo as a thank you for your purchase! Simply FIST4WRD to the Five Buck Food Truck page for today’s menu options.