The Red Carpet Treatment.

It’s been decades since Detroit has hosted a movie premiere, but as the saying goes, ‘timing is everything.’ The Fox Theatre hosted the DETROIT invite-only event, with several celebrities and city-goers in attendance. FIST4WRD will be the first to admit that Detroit definitely know hows to throw a party, and although we celebrated the city’s ‘Sweet 316‘ just yesterday, this one here certainly takes the cake! Looks like The Motown Sound isn’t the city’s only claim to fame. FIST4WRD to find out who showed up and showed out.

It Happened In Detroit.

Michigan Historic Site Marker designated in Gordon Park at the corner of Rosa Parks (12th Street) & Clairmount.

In July 1967, Detroit was known across the nation as not only ‘The Motor City’, but ‘The Model City‘. And while the 50th anniversary of such a tumultuous time in Detroit is nothing to celebrate, the progress we’ve made thus far certainly is. Detroit’s reputation has inarguably evolved over the years, but has been realigned as a world class tourist destination – reminiscent of the urban metropolis it once was. FIST4WRD has officially redefined Detroit as, ‘The City of Second Chances’. We hope for better things – It will rise from the ashes. FIST4WRD to find out more about this day’s significance to the city.

Once Upon A Time.

Photo by The Detroit Free Press – From 12th and Clairmount.

It happened in Detroit. The urban metropolis once looked upon as the nation’s model city bolstered a population over one million people at the time. As the 50th anniversary of 1967 riots approaches, The Detroit Free Press kicks off its annual Freep Film Festival with the world premiere debut of 12th and Clairmount at The Fillmore. Although some of the images are difficult to digest, the must see film reminds us that there is little we can do about yesterday, but much we can do about our tomorrow.

Reach Out And Touch.

Photo courtesy of Detroit’s Own: Jon Burkey, Photographer. Instagram: @jonburkey

Detroit’s own Diana Ross made her solo debut with the inaugural single in 1970. The song served as her new beginning, although she’d been entertaining for most of her life. FIST4WRD 40-something years, and our city is celebrating yet another inclemently unpredictable 3-1-3 Day. Detroit has been around for ages, has had its share of ups and downs, but is constantly evolving. Curious about FIST4WRD‘s plan to redefine Detroit’s reputation? FIST4WRD to find out how.