This Week in FIST4WRD.

A memorial dedicated to Detroit boxer Joe Louis, also known as The Fist, celebrated its 32nd year in the city. Meanwhile, having a seat has taken on a totally new meaning just across the way at the Joe Louis Arena. The Detroit Police Department’s officers are getting a well deserved pay increase. And apparently there’s more than one metro Detroit shopping mall with a skywalk. For your information, that’s This Week in FIST4WRD.

Best in Show Stopper.

Photo by: @jonburkey via Instagram.

The Fox Theatre, also known as Detroit’s crown jewel, is recognized by Architectural Digest as Michigan’s most magnificent theater. The former flagship movie palace was once our city’s installment from the one-time national cinema chain. The venue’s visually arresting grandeur has hosted decades of spectators, with accommodations for approximately 5000. What’s your fondest memory of The Fox Theatre? FIST4WRD to leave us a line.

Reach Out And Touch.

Photo courtesy of Detroit’s Own: Jon Burkey, Photographer. Instagram: @jonburkey

Detroit’s own Diana Ross made her solo debut with the inaugural single in 1970. The song served as her new beginning, although she’d been entertaining for most of her life. FIST4WRD 40-something years, and our city is celebrating yet another inclemently unpredictable 3-1-3 Day. Detroit has been around for ages, has had its share of ups and downs, but is constantly evolving. Curious about FIST4WRD‘s plan to redefine Detroit’s reputation? FIST4WRD to find out how.