A Reclaim To Fame.

Put Your Best Footwear Forward. – photo by: Pingree Detroit – PingreeDetroit.com

Everyone who’s anyone knows Detroit by way of its world famous tagline: The Motor City. I’m not one to brag, but Detroit has always been a stand out in one area or another, and now we can add footwear to our city’s never-ending list of accolades. Pingree Detroit is redefining what it means to walk the walk by helping to maximize our city’s authenticity and well-being with upcycled automotive materials. FIST4WRD to find out how this homegrown company is taking started from the bottom to a whole new level, starting with The Mayor.

Come One, Come All.

The Detroit Police Department’s officers and other community sponsors will host this evening’s National Night Out celebration. This annual event is geared toward enhancing relationships between residents and law enforcement in an effort to promote safe neighborhoods in Detroit. It’s always a plus when officers can engage with the community’s citizens under positive circumstances. Now that’s what we call a night out on the town. Curious about this the specifics on this nationwide community-building campaign? FIST4WRD for more info.

It’s Your Birthday Detroit!

Detroit’s Sweet 316 Ice Cream Celebration atop the Belle Ilse Conservatory backdrop – Sponsored by Michigan’s own Hunsonville Ice Cream.

316 years looks good on Detroit, founded on this day in 1701. And to commemorate this joyous occasion, several events have been planned throughout the city. FIST4WRD is officially redefining Detroit’s birthday as a day of indulgence. So go ahead and have that slice of cake and a scoop or two of ice cream to celebrate our city! Whether or not you share Detroit’s born day, FIST4WRD and find out how to partake in today’s festivities.

Turn Caring Into Doing.

As our first week in redefining Detroit comes to an end, we must reiterate the purpose behind our brand. While the ‘FIST‘ represents Detroit, the ‘4WRD‘ exemplifies paying it forward. Although social media has given us a platform to display our methods of contribution to the community, it’s more important to do right by others when no one is watching. FIST4WRD to find out more information on how you can help redefine Detroit.