Sats In The City.

Fired x Beacon Park Detroit.

Autumn in Detroit absolutely does it for the folks over at FIST4WRD. When you combine that with weekends, specifically Saturdays, Sats In The Citys become a collective place to take advantage of what the season has to offer. And our favorite thing about Autumn is absolutely everything, easy on the pumpkin spice. From the mums of Eastern Market, from having an excuse to grab a new hoodie from Detroit -VS- Everybody, Fall has always served as the soft opening to a new beginning. We hope for better things. It will rise from the ashes.

World Mental Health Day.

Fired x Forbes.

2020 has definitely been challenging for Detroiters, and the folks over at FIST4WRD have made it our business educate our city’s residents on making their mental health a priority. Redefining Detroit encompasses promoting positive messages in an effort to strengthen the spirit of our city. Although most Detroiters come with the built in tenacity to ‘adapt and overcome‘ despite the circumstance, there are so many more who have no idea where to begin. And that’s exactly where we come in. You matter – We care. Put your best FIST4WRD to find our more.


Fired x BFF: Michigan and Trumbull Pizza.

Detroit-style pizza has definitely become a big deal throughout the past decade, and has made a name for itself across the nation, doing its city of origin proud. The folks over at FIST4WRD visited our friends from Michigan and Trumbull Pizza to get 4kD’up with them for the first time. And while anything associated with the number four absolutely does it for us, the crispy yet caramelized cheesy corners hands down made our day. Did we mention that their arugula salad is also to die for? Put your best FIST4WRD using our in-story links for more info.

What Up Doe’ Wednesdays.

Detroit Public Schools Community District: Northwestern High School.

What up doe’ fellow fists! Today’s What Up Doe’ Wednesday is dedicated to the teachers of the Detroit Public Schools Community District. In addition to today’s count day canvass, DPSCD teachers have become the talk of the town after reaching an agreement for an increase in pay. DPSCD teachers now have the highest starting salary in the state of Michigan, which is music to the ears of educators across the city. Put your best FIST4WRD by showing some appreciation for the folks who are dedicated to investing in our community’s most valuable assets.