That’s A Ten Four.

Before the folks over at FIST4WRD can get into the meat and potatoes of promoting the positivity our city has to offer, it’s only appropriate that we first establish the foundation behind our brand. Detroit’s history is rooted in the establishment and innovation of the ‘hub and spoke‘ design of its streets, ultimately serving as our city’s original storytellers. As shown in the map above with Grand Circus Park serving as the focal point, the prominence of the number four cannot be ignored. Moreover, Detroit’s past and present remains distinguished by four unique timelines. Want to know more? Put your best FIST4WRD by checking out our in-story links, and be sure to follow up as we redefine Detroit, one day at a time.

On The Flip Side.

It’s October first fellow fists, and we’re just about 90 days away from 2021. But before we get too excited about ringing in the New Year, let’s commit to making the best of what we have left of 2020. As we lay the foundation for the inspiration behind our brand, we welcome you to get to know FIST4WRD more formally. First things first, we’ve all got some catching up to do, and what better way to bring our followers up to speed than by taking them behind the scenes?

What Up Doe’ Wednesdays.

Fired by: @ColinDetroit via Instagram.

Did you know Detroit has had its own personal version of the Jolly Green Giant since 1958? He’s known more commonly as The Spirit of Detroit, which was dedicated 62 years ago to the date. World renown sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks, rose to the occasion erecting the massive monument as symbol of the Detroit’s spirt of hope and progress. And what’s most interesting is that the statue’s name did not come from the artist, but Detroiters – who represent the family held in the sculpture’s right hand. So the next time your downtown, be sure to tell our right hand man, “What up doe!” Especially if its on a Wednesday.

First Day of Fall.

Fired by: @More.Detroit via Instagram.

Autumn in Detroit is such as wonderful time of year. From the leaves on the trees to the texture of one’s wardrobe, alterations are absolutely in the air. The fact of the matter is that change is sometimes uncomfortable although there’s a major overhaul underway in our city. And as our commitment to Detroit: Redefined remains, we hope you will fall for FIST4WRD as hard as we always fall for the city of Detroit.