On The Flip Side.

It’s October first fellow fists, and we’re just about 90 days away from 2021. But before we get too excited about ringing in the New Year, let’s commit to making the best of what we have left of 2020. As we lay the foundation for the inspiration behind our brand, we welcome you to get to know FIST4WRD more formally. First things first, we’ve all got some catching up to do, and what better way to bring our followers up to speed than by taking them behind the scenes?

What Up Doe’ Wednesdays.

Fired by: @ColinDetroit via Instagram.

Did you know Detroit has had its own personal version of the Jolly Green Giant since 1958? He’s known more commonly as The Spirit of Detroit, which was dedicated 62 years ago to the date. World renown sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks, rose to the occasion erecting the massive monument as symbol of the Detroit’s spirt of hope and progress. And what’s most interesting is that the statue’s name did not come from the artist, but Detroiters – who represent the family held in the sculpture’s right hand. So the next time your downtown, be sure to tell our right hand man, “What up doe!” Especially if its on a Wednesday.

F – Y – I – Fridays.

Fridays are definitely something special over at FIST4WRD. And we’re excited to announce our first F-Y-I-Friday by introducing our fellow fists to the Detroit we know and unconditionally love. We welcome you to explore our website, and invite you to follow up on September 25th for another exciting announcement. Follow up with us as we redefine Detroit one day at a time. And be sure to put your best FIST4WRD by using the many F-Y-I links throughout our website.

The 411 by: 313.

Detroit is famous for many things, and is oftentimes recognizable simply by its area code – also interchangeably referred to as the 3-1-3. Yet, as the art of communication continuously evolves, the way we receive and relay relevant information is not quite the 4-1-1 we grew up with. Despite our abilities to unsubscribe from an overwhelming amount of information, it can be difficult to siphon the warm and fuzzy from the unfavorable. And that’s where we come in. Put your best FIST4WRD to explore our FOUNDATION to redefine Detroit – one day at a time.