F – Y – I – Fridays.

Fridays are definitely something special over at FIST4WRD. And we’re excited to announce our first F-Y-I-Friday by introducing our fellow fists to the Detroit we know and unconditionally love. We welcome you to explore our website, and invite you to follow up on September 25th for another exciting announcement. Follow up with us as we redefine Detroit one day at a time. And be sure to put your best FIST4WRD by using the many F-Y-I links throughout our website.

Turn Caring Into Doing.

As our first week in redefining Detroit comes to an end, we must reiterate the purpose behind our brand. While the ‘FIST‘ represents Detroit, the ‘4WRD‘ exemplifies paying it forward. Although social media has given us a platform to display our methods of contribution to the community, it’s more important to do right by others when no one is watching. FIST4WRD to find out more information on how you can help redefine Detroit.

New Year, New We.

FIST4WRD is gearing up for our official website relaunch. The new and improved website will debut March 13th, 2017, or the day better known around Detroit as 3-1-3 Day. We appreciate the continued support from our friends and followers, and look 4WRD to taking an up close and personal approach to redefining the city of Detroit. Be sure to stay tuned.